Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dirty Works Power Berry Detox Mask

This week a last minute pamper night involved a quick dash to Sainsburys to buy naughty snacks and to pick up some one use packet face masks. We couldn't find any of these anywhere but what I did find was a facial mask from the Sainsburys brand Dirty Works. I've seen this brand countless times but never thought of trying it. Obviously the packaging has taken inspiration from the likes of Soap and Glory, so although the bottle is very pleasing to the eye I wanted to see if the product lived up to it!

This mask claims to 'let your skin breathe again with this detoxifying face mask.' It is a clay mask that has berry extract in which aims to detox your skin and leave it glowing and radiant. I mentioned the Botanics clay mask in my monthly favourites and although this is also a clay mask it is slightly different. This isn't as hard and harsh, feeling me gentle and nourishing.
The berry extract gives the mask a lovely fruity smell.

After using this a couple of times I wouldn't say it has done anything amazing to my skin. After washing it off it does leave your skin feeling softer and cleansed but I don't think it deeply detoxes my skin. Overall this is a nice face mask but nothing special. If you aren't looking for something deep cleansing just something to leave your skin softer and cleaner than this is for you but if you need something more deeper and clarifying.

This is normally £4.99 but I think at the moment you can get a 1/3 off this! Have you guys tried this or any other Dirty Works products, let me know!

                                                                         L xxx


  1. Thanks for the review, I've heard mixed things about this mask.

    Love your blog, am a new follower x