Friday, May 16, 2014

MAC Hauling

Over the last couple of weeks I have had a lot going on and was feeling a tad upset about life so I turned to the best kind of therapy to get me through it and that is retail therapy, especially high end make up retail therapy!! I am not normally a massive MAC buyer but recently I seem to be popping in whenever I have a chance, so here is a little peak at what I have bought,

First up is a repurchase and that was of Chatterbox, this is my favourite MAC lipstick and maybe even my favourite lipstick ever? I think of this as my signature lip colour and whenever I can't think of what to use I lean for this. It is a really pretty blue pink colour which is really girly and just makes your lips look lovely. It is one of the creemesheen lipsticks so leaves your lips looking almost glossy which I love.

The next 3 things I bought weren't actually from a MAC shop but from The Cosmetic Company which is an outlet make up shop which stocks MAC, Smashbox, Bumble and Bumble and much more, I think it sells all the brands that are part of the Estee Lauder company. I don't know how many of these there are but the one I went to was in Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth. It mostly sells stuff from old collections but you can also find stuff they sell currently as well. I watched one of Tanya Burr's get ready with me's the other week and loved the pigment she used in it so when I saw that it was in the outlet shop I had to buy it! The Golden Olive Pigment was only £11, so a bit of bargain, and as you probably guessed it's a golden olive colour. I really like the pigments from MAC as they are so shimmery and pretty and this is probably my favourite one I have. I have used this once so far and I really like it, I just wore it all across my lid and then blended so it looked a little bit more subtle. 

Also from here I picked up a Pearl Matte Face Powder in Pink Buttercream. This is just the prettiest thing!! It is embossed with the most adorable little pink flower and was only £15 (my mum did very kindly buy this for me though!!). I haven't used this too much yet, mostly because I don't want to ruin the flower but I think it will be a beautiful pinky highlighter. I think this was limited edition last May so I am quite far behind on the trend but I still think it looks fab!

My next item isn't actually from MAC but I thought I would chuck it in here anyway and it is the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara, that was a repurchase because my old one had all dried out! I think this mascara is fab, the brush is the perfect size to get all of your bottom lashes covered and also doesn't leave you with panda eyes. I think the packaging is really pretty as well, and I am such a sucker for good packaging!!

Finally is the thing I am probably most excited about which is strange because it is just a nude lip liner, but it is from the Alluring Aquatic collection currently available at MAC which means it has the most stunning packaging! The What Comes Naturally Lipliner is just the most perfect nude colour. I don't have a nude lipliner so when I saw MAC was doing one and that it was going to have the prettiest packaging I just couldn't resist!! I am yet to even get this out of the box because it is just so pretty but hopefully you will be hearing more about this soon!

So I think that is all for my haul, it may not be a lot of products but as they are MAC they cost a fair bit for my student budget! Hope you enjoyed haul, let me know if you have got anything from the Alluring Aquatic collection? and if so what is good? Because I want more turquoise packaging! Come back in a couple of days where I will be doing a tag foryou all, hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading,

                                                                            Laura xx

P.S- I have officially finished second year of uni!! Let summer begin!!


  1. I'm planning to go on a shopping trip to a MAC store and I might give a few of the items you featured a go! Chatterbox looks especially inviting! xo


  2. That blusher is gorgeous!
    Wish they sold them in my Mac, though id be the same about not wanting to ruin the pattern
    | | Dreams Of New York | |

    1. yeah! I have used it a few times though and the pattern hasnt disappeared yet!!xx

  3. That face powder! It's too cute, I don't blame you for wanting to save it for a little while. x

    Josie’s Journal