Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lush Haul

If you know me then you will find this next statement quite funny. But recently I have been 'working out' a lot more. I joined a gym at the beginning of the month and I'm on a mission to budge some excess pounds. Now so far exercise hasn't been my friend, it makes my legs and whole body super achey, which I guess means I am working hard? But anyway I have been loving having a bath at the moment so I paid a little visit to Lush to pick up some bath goodies!! Before we begin I am so rubbish at describing scents, sorry!!

This was a repurchase and it is also maybe one of my favourite lush products ever! It is so super cute and has a lovely lavender smell to it which is super relaxing. I use this one when I am feeling really stressed and it is perfect for a pre bedtime bath.

Going to be honest bought this solely because it has a rainbow on it haha! This has Ylang Ylang and Orange flower in it, which leaves the bubble bar with a beautiful fresh floral bar. With this you run the tap and then crumble it into the running water to create some nice bubbles. I have never tried one of Lush's bubble bars before so I am excited to try this and I also reckon it will make my bath a lovely fun colour.

This just smells like something I want to rub all over my body! I think it is like shea butter and coconut smell, but whatever it is it smells lovely rich and luxurious. The lady in Lush said this is good for dry skin which I seem to be getting loads recently, fingers crossed this helps!

I'm sorry this is in the shape of a heart, could it be any cuter? Now this might sound strange but I feel like this smells like love? Very romantic and floral, if you understand? I think this has rose in somewhere. I will be using this alone but I think it would very nice to use if you enjoy bathing with a partner!

So there is my little Lush haul. I have been rubbish with posting at the moment but I am trying to get myself into more of a schedule so hopefully I will have loads of posts up very shortly. Please give me a little follow on Bloglovin, hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading, 

Laura xxx


  1. Omg I need that little Robot bubble bar! Haha I think I'd buy it just for decor xD

  2. Oh wow what an amazing haul! I love the look of everything in your haul xx

    Gemma |

  3. LUSH have some gorgeous products and I'm in love with their magnificent hand soap - it smells amazing and really nourishes skin! :)

    Layla xx